NEW | Spring 2014 Collection


Spring brings to mind new beginnings and refreshed looks.  It’s the perfect season to add some color to your space and infuse texture and pattern into your decor.  Below is an introduction to our newest styles and perspective on the season.


Globally inspired and sourced elements continue to infuse the marketplace. This trend reflects a continued appreciation for and heightened interest in the unique characteristics that differentiate cultures.

Animal print design continues to have consumer appeal and designers continue to evolve its application. The design aesthetic is unique in that in one setting it can impart urban sophistication while in another, rural comfort. Animal print partners easily with a surprising range of interior styles and it is a design element that persists throughout home goods and fashion.  This trend leads to our first new product for the season, Spot On.

NEW | Spot On:  We’ve gone wild for pattern with this sophisticated faux cheetah design in colors that range from expected to extraordinary.  Striking when used alone, or pair with our Core Solids for a more subtle look – either way, it’s purrrrfect for every space.



Animal print might be an obvious interpretation of exotic elements, but worldly travels and increased digital exposure to culture uncovers a rich environment of both geometric and organic patterns often combined with deep saturated colors.

NEW | Ambrosia:  Saturated colors, in rich textures create a romantic look with functionality that is decidedly modern. The pattern variations help mask messes, making this style suitable for even the busiest of spaces. Shown below in color Lime.Ambrosia_SP14

AmbrosiaNEW | Chakra:  Drawing inspiration from India and the Far East, this colorful, eclectic design will add vibrancy to your living space. Bold, saturated hues combined with deconstructed patterns add up to decorative camouflage with an element of surprise.  Shown below in color Indigo.




The outside world continues to provide inspiration in its varied formats – from orderly English-style gardens to more organic presentations that blend natural elements with man-made forms.

Natural elements for the home environment can be found from in an increasing range of sources – from DIY tutorials on creating your own terrarium to high priced end tables formed from wood encased in resin. This universal attraction to the beauty and resiliency of nature is often heightened this time of year, in anticipation of spring and the rejuvenation that it brings.

NEW | Urban Nature:  Organic patterns, as only nature can create, are captured in this fresh design.  Earthy neutrals have been infused with bits of color – reminiscent of a moss-covered cliffs or a sea-kissed shore.  Pair with Down to Earth™ for a one-of-a-kind, dip-dyed look that will bring the outdoors in to any living space.  Shown below in Flax/Grass.



NEW | Down to Earth:   Rugged in look, soft in texture – we’ve translated the subtle tonal variations found in nature into a textural feast for the eyes (and toes).  When paired with Urban Nature the combination is reminiscent of an ecological study of colors and texture, welcoming nature into every space.  Shown below in Flax.




Often, in the early Spring months, an escape can be particularly enticing. From a rustic mountain retreat to a crisp coastal cottage there is something relaxing about simplified surroundings in soft earthy neutrals — spaces that provide comfort and ease without sacrificing on style or sophistication.

Our (Better Than) Wool and (Better Than) Sisal collections lend themselves nicely to our Escape, Retreat theme — (Better Than) Wool, to add cozy comfort to a mountain getaway and (Better Than) Sisal with just the right look and with worry-free maintenance for a coastal escape.  Here are some refreshed looks with these and other best-selling collections.

VintageVibe_SP14 2

Above: Vintage Vibe in Cream


Above: Patchwork of our (Better Than) Sisal Collection including Sweater Weather in Tan, Roadside Attraction in Tan, A Tisket A Tasket in Sand, Coming Along in Tan, Sew What in Tan and Suit Yourself in Raffia.


Above: Roadside Attraction in Haze


Above: Positive Slant in Slate


Above: Reoriented in Pepper.


Our focus reaches beyond producing great-looking carpet design squares.  It includes continually looking for ways to advance our manufacturing processes and business operations to be more earth-aware — from the materials that go into our products to how they perform in your home to what happens to them at the end of their useful life.

We repurpose materials like carpet, plastic water bottles and fishing nets to create new, recycled yarns.  The result is a range of styles that look good and help keep discarded materials out of the eco-system.  One of our favorite new styles for Spring, Upcycle, utilizes 100% recycled carpet fibers.

NEW | Upcycle:  An upcycling success story – random strands of recycled nylon yarns unite to create a one-of-a-kind stripe design that’s as beautiful as it is earth-aware.  The pattern and durability make this style a go-to for active spaces.



To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Jayne Seward with Kel & Partners at 617.904.9393 x110 or via email


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NEW | Fall 2013 Collection

Dare to be Different.  Break free from Boring. 


FLOR carpet design squares offer a new and smarter approach to area rugs and carpet.  Use them to create rugs of any size, any shape for any space.  Our new fashion-forward styles are tuned into trends without being a slave to what style dictates.  Create environments where your unique design sensibility can thrive with these highly inspired patterns and colors.  (Above:  Emerald is a hot new color for Fall.  We’ve added it to our best-selling style, Made You Look, and paired it with Black for a striking graphic pattern. )


NEW | Positive Slant — A new addition to our Graphic Patterns collection, this undulating diagonal stripe provides a unique possibility to create large-scale geometric designs. $19/design square


Above:  Positive Slant in Black.  



Above: Positive Slant in Periwinkle.

NEW | Jimdandy — This bold optic geometric will enliven any space with playful mod sophistication.  $19/design square



JimDandy_F13U_WBPRAbove: Jimdandy in Black paired with Heaven Sent in Bone and Black.

(BETTER THAN) WOOL   Elevate any space with our (Better Than) Wool innovations.  A new collection made from all recycled fibers offering the softness and sophistication you love in a shed-free, worry-free design real wool can’t touch.

NEW | High Note — A cut and loop construction with a high / low tonal contrast that offers the familiarity of traditional Berber wool carpet but made more practical than traditional broadloom in 100% recycled nylon. $24 / design square.

High Note_FA13_br


NEW | Jump Jive — Intentional irregularities within this soft zigzag pattern honor the historical limitations of crude weaving equipment and infuse any room with timeless appeal. $28 / design square

Jump Jive_FA13_BR


NEW | Carry A Torch — Irregular lines and dashes dance across each square making a seamless installation a cinch.  $28 / design square


Carry A Torch

NEW | Swing Beat — This tight two-toned chevron design creates a sophisticated basketweave pattern when assembled parquet-style.  A cut and loop construction, with the softness of wool but the durability and eco-sensitivity of 100% recycled nylon. $26 / design square

Swing Beat_F13_BR


All four of our new (Better Than) Wool additions also work well together in one composition as shown below (including our popular pattern, Vintage Vibe, introduced earlier this Summer).  The yarn colors are the same, so they coordinate perfectly.


(BETTER THAN) SISAL    Go beyond ordinary natural fiber rugs and discover a collection of FLOR styles that offers that familiar look done better – softer to the touch, endlessly flexible and easily cleanable.

NEW | Sew What — The look of natural sisal made playful with high-contrast pops of color that appear hand-stitched.  Install quarter-turn for the look of a dynamic woven fabric. $16 / design square




Above: Sew What (above in Grey) works well with other members of the (Better Than) Sisal collection, and in particular Sweater Weather (shown in Tan). 


NEW | Something Concrete — Inspired by the raw beauty and unique color variations found in natural concrete, this style speaks to the industrial craft trend by transforming a hard surface into something unexpectedly soft.



Above: Diagonal cut squares of Lacebark in Buttermilk and Rake Me Over in Cream installed in a chevron pattern.


Above: Seeing Stripes in all colorways combined playfully.


Above: Heaven Sent in Red creates a cozy environment in brisk autumn weather.


Above:  The gently heathered felt style, Fedora, offers a smooth surface in a range of sophisticated colors.  Here we’ve designed a classic checkerboard rug design using colors Oatmeal, Charcoal and Flannel.  Made in the USA from 100% PET with up to 85% post-consumer recycled content (like recycled plastic bottles).


Above: Best-selling style, Lasting Grateness in Titanium.


Above: A clever patchwork of styles from our (Better Than) Sisal collection.

To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Jayne Seward with Kel & Partners at 617.904.9393 x110 or via email

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Summer 2013 Collection

Welcome the World into Your World.VintageVibe_SU13L_SAMPLE_Blog

For summer, we’ve taken some of our favorite global influences to create a collection of carpet design squares that marries familiar textures with exotic patterns in colors that range from earthy neutrals to vivid gemstones – all using innovation that turns what would be waste (like discarded fishing nets) into new, earth-friendly fibers. We believe it’s the right thing to do – for all of us.


Above: Chenille Charade in Persimmon and Remembrance in Fuschia (both cut diagonally) surrounded by Made You Look in Denim.

A New Generation of Luxury, Responsibly Made.

The majority of our summer collection draws historical context from the Berber wools of North Africa — specifically, Morocco.  Traditionally, these rugs were knot-tied cut pile in neutral colors.  The designs tended to be simple — monochromatic or two-color patterned geometrics and zig-zags.  A resurged interest and reinterpretation of this look can be seen everywhere — from high-end (handmade dealers) to mass market.  Our FLOR version is the first to use 100% recycled nylon in a versatile square format, which allows you to further modify and interpret this trend to achieve your own unique composition.  Here’s a look at what’s new:


Above: Jitterbug Memories.  Embrace the variation of this multi-directional zig-zag.  Artfully durable and impossible to install incorrectly.  Available in Black (shown), Grey and Taupe.


Above: Vintage Vibe. A modern take on traditional Moroccan patterning. Irregularites honor the historical limitations of crude weaving equipment while making seamless installations a cinch.  Shown in Cream surrounded by a third-tile border of Jitterbug Memories in Taupe.


Above: Mellow Mood. An all-over heathered quality provides a neutral solid backdrop to soften any space.  Available in Cream, Grey (shown) and Taupe.


Above: Familiar Chorus in Taupe with Mellow Mood in Taupe and Cream.  Familiar Chorus features bold and irregular bands of soft wooly tones that come together seamlessly.  The style pairs perfectly with Mellow Mood and Laid Back Groove (below).


Above: Laid Back Groove in Taupe and Black.  Subtle striation creates a soft linear rhythm across a solid backdrop for a seamless look and cushiony feel underfoot.


Above: Rustic Rhythms.  Busy spaces don’t have to sacrifice on softness or style with the high contrast of these heathered yarns.  Available in Grey, Brown and Taupe.

Above: A sophisticated pinstripe for discerning tastes, Like Minded, features rows of high and low loops that introduce textural variation to the classic precision of a pinstripe.   Available in Burgundy, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple and Teal.  This style pairs perfectly with a FLOR best-seller, Parallel Reality.


Above: Like Minded in Grey paired with Parallel Reality in Grey.


17 new colors join the Fleece & Thanks family. Drawing inspiration from natural berber wool rugs, we’ve created this new rustic texture in 100% recycled nylon in a classic color palette.

Fleece & Thanks_new colors for Summer 2013

12 new colors round out the sophisticated color palette of Full Bloom, a soft, budding loop texture with clean beveled edges that give a subtle grid effect when assembled.

Full Bloom: New colors for Summer 2013


Layered Rugs: The trend of layering rugs continues throughout the design world and the real world.  We offer the interesting ability to achieve the look without the expense and waste of literally stacking up rugs.  FLOR carpet design squares have the unique ability to embrace this trend and afford you the opportunity to stay current with whatever’s next.  We can adapt to the times.


Above: Remembrance SU13L FLORug in Tidal.  This rug combines Remembrance in Tidal, Chenille Charade in Azure and Reoriented in Grey.

Color Blocking:  Take this hot trend from the runway to your room with FLOR.  Combining bold blocks of solid colors will create a dramatic statement with minimal effort.


Above: Made You Look in Black, Slate, Blue Jay and Persimmon


Above: Made You Look SU13ST FLORug.  The fluctuating flow and placement of these colorful stripes lends a fun, rhythmic visual appeal to any room.


Above: Made You Look SU13U FLORug in Multi (with colors Bone, Pearl, Beige, Fawn, Tawny, Porpoise, Pebble, Eggnog.

Hues of Blue:  Shades of vibrant blue play an important role in the color palette of this season’s photography with the introduction of Remembrance in Tidal and the use of other tried-and-true favorites like Chenille Charade in Azure and Made You Look in Ocean and Blue Jay.


Above: Chenille Charade in Azure


Above: Remembrance in Tidal renders distressed Turkish rug patterning in a saturated hue.


Above: Take blue a little softer with Heaven Sent in Light Blue and Made You Look in Wave.

Active Patterning: Using active patterns in busy spaces artfully conceals life’s everyday messes and keeps the space looking great.


Above: Mod Cow in Black.


Above: Pretty Promise in Black.  This organic, random pattern is easy to design with and easy to maintain.

Welcome to a fresh new season.

To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Deirdre Carey with Kel & Partners at 617.904.9393 x123 or via email

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Spring 2013 Styles & Colors

This season at FLOR, we are springing into color — refreshed and ready to live in Technicolor. Color will be everywhere — whether as a new product offering, the expansion of a palette in a tried & true favorite, or through our interpretations of current design themes we’re seeing in the marketplace.


Color can be synthetic and bold, neon pastels, or shadowy, tinted, soft neutrals. It can range from earthy reds and oxidized oranges to chemical blues and vivid greens. The combinations can be muted and powdery or unexpected and brilliant.

MadeYouLook_sp13D_NOT FINAL

FLOR carpet design squares are the perfect place to infuse color into your home and workspace. Not only can you find any hue you’re seeking, you can be as bold or subtle as you want to be.  Be daring with vibrant shades or add a visual ‘pop’ with just a few colorful squares. FLOR offers the possibility to create striking compositions with just the right dose of color.

Made You Look_SP13ST


Improved technology and a progressive design perspective have allowed FLOR to redefine what is possible with a square of carpet.  Below are our latest additions.

Chenille Charade — Inspired by the fashionable restitching and overdying of vintage Persian rug fragments into new solid color compositions.  Available in six saturated hues: Kiwi, Frost, Maize (in room setting below), Azure (single tile below), Tangerine and Persimmon.

chenille charade_azure_sw

Chenille Charade_SP13C

Seeing Stripes — Welcome back, to the plush, brightly colored banded striping that many will recall from the velveteen upholstery fabrics of the 1970’s.  Available in six tantalizing combinations: Teal, Azure (in bedroom below), Tangerine, Persimmon, Magenta (single tile below) & Iris.

seeing stripes_magenta_sw

Seeing Stripes_SP13U

Fleece & Thanks — The classic Moroccan natural Berbers have been exemplified in rustic textures and natural colors. Available in six versatile shades: Flannel Blue, Eggnog, Mink (single tile below), Frost (shown in nursery below with Parallel Reality border), Titanium and Slate.




Made You Look — We were inspired to create a full-spectrum of color in our own big box of crayons and especially with everyone’s favorite cut & loop texture. Made You Look has been expanded from 35 to 70 colors.

Madeyoulook_ALL NEW

Heaven Sent — In our cornerstone loopy texture, we infuse fresh, vibrant, fashion oriented hues in our 100% recycled nylon yarn.   Thanks to customer feedback, we gleefully reveal 24 new colors in this signature loop pile, bringing the total count to 35 and exponentially advancing the possibilities.

Heaven Sent_full palette of new


Always acutely aware of happenings in the design world, but never satisfied to simply apply a trend, here are a few fresh ideas that can only be achieved with FLOR. This season, we introduce the concept of Faceted Geometry, Chevron Patterning and Layering.

The catalyst for both the Faceted Geometric and Chevron patterns was the introduction of the triangle.  This season, we’ve expanded our Cutting Service to include the diagonal cut – a FLOR tile cut “on the bias” to create two right triangles.

Faceted Geometry

Facets are flat faces on geometric shapes. With the new diagonal cut, we can create the look of three-dimensional shapes from FLOR by assembling triangles and squares in different colors.


There has been a surge in geometric patterning in home goods – big and small. FLOR’s cutting program allows consumers to respond to this trend in a customized way. And the best part is, it’s surprisingly simple.

Remembrance_sp13C_NOT FINAL

Chevron Patterning

The Chevron, or inverted V pattern, has lineage back to pottery in Ancient Greece. It was commonly used on coats of arms during the middle ages and is still used in the United States to designate rank in the military.  Recently, the geometric design has taken off in the marketplace – found on everything from bedding, personal accessories, clothing, printed paper goods and more.

Rake Me Over_SP13V

Our new diagonal cutting ability combined with FLOR’s square format allows us to style Chevron in bright, bold ways.

Made You Look_SP13C


Another trend that lends itself nicely to FLOR is the layered rug look. Overlaps can be symmetrical or skewed. FLOR has already cornered the market on individual carpet squares that combine a patchwork of designs. With the increased selection of colors available in our core FLOR products, designing an over-dyed ombre rug is easier than ever.  FLOR’s layered look is an economical alternative – achieve the look with a single rug – multiple rugs not required.


We’ve created a FLOR interpretation of a layered rug (above) by combining complementary patterns in similar tones — with no actual overlapping needed. Combined here are two patterned styles, Reoriented and Remembrance with one of our FLOR core styles, Made You Look.

House Pet_SP13D

Welcome to a bright new season.

To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Deirdre Carey with Kel & Partners at 617.904.9393 x123 or via email

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2012 Holiday Decor & Gift Guide Ideas


This holiday season, entertain family and friends in style with gorgeous rugs, runners or wall-to-wall designs in your home that not only look beautiful, but can withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic, spills and stains.  Your festive spirit doesn’t have to stop at the tree or the hearth; colorful carpet squares can enhance your other seasonal décor by bringing some cheer to the floor.  And unlike traditional rolled area rugs that can be cumbersome to store, FLOR packs and stacks up easily in boxes at the end of the season.



FLOR offers unique, non-traditional gifts for loved ones on your list including the design-enthusiast, the pet-lover, the DIYer, the newly married couple, and even the kids!  Check out these clever ideas:

To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Abby Rechenthin at 312.798.2232 or via email

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Fall 2012 Styles

With the change of seasons comes a renewed focus on the home and a desire to surround ourselves with scents, sounds, colors and textures that exude a familiar warmth and coziness.

At FLOR, we embrace this season by challenging expectations and choosing to reinvent what’s familiar. We view this time of year as one of celebration. A time when you’re allowed (and encouraged) to decorate your homes beyond what is considered normal and right. It’s a time of possibility and personal expression.

Below is a rundown of our new looks for Fall including graphic patterns, seasonal solids and fresh mixes of our FLOR faves.

New Patterns with Fall Flair

Craft Work™:  Because it makes you feel a little hip, or because it’s of-the-moment-ly timeless, or because you want to bring the feeling of a campfire into your living room in the dead of winter, let Craft Work help you hibernate in style. Use Craft Work alone or combine with FLOR solids.

Craft Work in Arrowhead

Pretty Promise:  This style honors the craft of hand-knotted rugs and crewel work.  Flowers underfoot, muted like gently aged tapestry, Pretty Promise plants a landscape of dense loop pile in any space. Made with 100% recycled nylon yarns.

Pretty Promise in Palm

Mood Board: The inspiration behind “Pretty Promise”

All Dolled Up™:  Swirls of texture: ‘S wonderful. A palette that ranges bold to neutral: ‘S marvelous. And 100% recycled nylon fibers means All Dolled Up’s rugged underfoot, soft to the touch and easy on the Earth.

This composition is based on the organic language of early arts and crafts textile designers.

All Dolled Up in Grey

New Solids for the Season

Hither & Yon™: Plunge into a sea of soft, wander through a meadow of plush, a lush forest path…and never leave home. The uneven cut and loop pile of Hither & Yon creates complexity and depth. All in 100% recycled goodness.

Hither & Yon in Orange

Point of View™:  A classic pattern defines the texture. Timeless neutral tones render it sophisticated. And dense looped yarns make it comfortable underfoot. Combine with 100% recycled yarns and they create a very welcome Point of View.

Point Of View in Eggnog

Front Row™:  For spaces worthy of the red carpet treatment, go ahead and make the carpet Eggnog or Indigo instead. Or any one of the bold saturated or neutral hues, each in pleasantly ribbed nylon and made of 100% recycled fibers.

Front Row in Teal

New Colors and Combinations

Lasting Grateness:  This fanciful grillwork pattern adds sophistication to any room.  To join the classic Black and White colorways, this fall we’re adding new colors Palm, Cobalt and a bold Red (below).

Lasting Grateness in Red

Heavy Petal:  Natural beauty with attitude.  This season, a bold, opinionated Black colorway (shown below) and an earthy Brown join their popular neutral sister, Magnolia.

Heavy Petal in Black

Mix It Up Rug Set:  This beautiful, graphic hallway runner combines the black and white pattern of In The Mix in color Black/Bright White with textured solids Morning Coffee in Espresso and Toy Poodle in Persimmon.

Mix It Up Rug Set

Zig Zag Rug Set:  Simple straight cuts are all that are needed to create the one-of-a-kind look of our new Zig Zag Rug Set.  Styles Rake Me Over (in Grass), Fedora (in Chartreuse) and Made You Look (in Lime) are first cut into half- and quarter-tiles and then assembled in staggered rows.  The result is a dynamic, highly-textured design that brings modern appeal to the space.

Zig Zag Rug Set in Green

Line, Please Rug Set™: Wide rows of Line, Please colors Cayenne, Grape, Olive, Jade, and Maize combine to create a autumnal foundation for this dining area using one of our favorite pin-striped patterns.

Line, Please Rug Set

To request high-resolution images and additional information, please contact Abby Rechenthin at (312) 798-2232 or email

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FLOR’s App for iPad

FLOR, designer and creator of high-fashion modular carpet squares for the home, has elevated the carpet and rug shopping experience yet again. After first coming on the scene nearly ten years ago showing design-savvy consumers that you don’t just have to settle for cookie-cutter rug and carpet designs, FLOR now makes it easier than ever to shop the brand’s expansive range of colors, patterns and textures through an innovative new iPad app.

With a host of useful design tools available with the tap of a finger – videos, design advice, rug maps and more – it’s like having a personal design assistant at your side. There is a “My Favorites” section where you can create your own, customized design board by adding your favorite FLOR photos or snapshots from your personal image library. Plus, you can share your favorite finds throughout the app in a one-of-a-kind interactive section, connecting you with the FLOR communities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in real time.

Start the app by choosing one of four different paths: In the Get Inspired section, flip through the pages of FLOR’s current catalog and enjoy exclusive editorials about the iconic photography. Tap each page from the catalog to see detailed information on the FLOR styles featured.

When you find a FLOR style you love, the app will calculate the number of tiles you’ll need to cover the space.

The Advice section offers helpful tutorial videos on designing with FLOR, assembly and installation and more.

The “My Favorites” section lets you create your own, customized design board by adding your favorite FLOR photos or snapshots from your personal image library.

The “Get Connected” section connects you with the FLOR social scene on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in real-time, allowing you the opportunity to share your favorite finds and see what others are creating.

Download the new FLOR app from the iTunes AppStore. Search “flor tiles” For more information or to obtain additional images, contact Abby Rechenthin at or call 312.798.2232.

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