FLOR Basics

Background on FLOR, Inc.

  • FLOR, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of beautiful and responsible modular fashions for your floors, was launched in 2003 and is part of the Interface family of companies.
  • Emerging consumer behaviors in the marketplace like urban lifestyle resurgence, growing Internet purchases and increased design demand, posed a unique opportunity for FLOR to deliver a smarter floor covering choice to design-savvy, environmentally-aware consumers
  • FLOR believes that good design is responsible design which is why we carefully consider the impact our products have on the environment – from design and manufacturing to reclaiming and recycling old FLOR into new.

FLOR is Inspired Modular Floorcovering

  • FLOR’s innovative system of carpet squares featuring a vast array of colors, textures and styles lets you create customized area rugs, runners and wall to wall designs to fit any space or style.
  • FLOR is a beautiful, adaptable and responsible alternative to traditional area rugs and broadloom carpeting.
  • FLOR squares connect securely together with ingenious, patented FLORdotsä, non-toxic adhesives that connect to the bottom of FLOR squares rather than to the floor below.  No need for nails, glue, or padding.
  • FLOR’s expertly engineered and patented backing is designed to “hug” the floor beneath, eliminating the need for additional padding.
  • FLOR squares can be installed directly over almost any smooth, dry flooring such as hardwood, vinyl tile, laminates, sealed concrete or plywood.
  • FLOR developed something revolutionary in the world of residential carpet: a Return & Recycle Programä, so consumers can return their old FLOR squares to be recycled into new products, ensuring that no FLOR ends up in a landfill.


  • FLOR is Beautiful:
    • A vast range of colors & styles.  FLOR’s innovative system of 19.7 in. (50cm), barefoot soft carpet squares offers an inspiring range of complementing and coordinating colors, patterns and styles.
    • Coordinated system = design freedom. FLOR’s coordinated system of carpet squares offers the ultimate in individual design freedom— mix and match colors, textures and styles to create a custom design that is a true reflection of you.
  • FLOR is Adaptable:
    • FLOR lets you create unique designs to fit any size or space – rugs, runners or wall-to-wall designs.
    • FLOR is flexible:  FLORdots™ let you remove and move your squares. So, you can pull up squares to refresh your design with new ones, relocate your rug to another room or take it with you when you move.
    • Practical.  Never fear everyday life’s little messes. Movable FLOR squares are also washable and replaceable, which saves you the trouble and cost of having to replace an entire rug or carpet.
    • FLOR is durable:  About 80-90% of FLOR square styles are commercially rated, which means that not only are they beautiful, adaptable and responsible, but they’re also highly durable and can easily stand up to the busiest lifestyles and rigorous wear situations.
  • FLOR is Responsible:
    • FLOR squares are made with varied degrees of renewable and recycled content—e.g., 100% natural wool and recycled plastic water bottles.
    • FLOR squares have an expertly designed and patented backing which “hugs” the floor into position under the pressure of use – making traditional rug and carpet padding obsolete – which saves installation time and money, and reduces waste.
    • FLOR products are made in progressive, energy-efficient facilities that use less water and energy, and thereby produce less waste.  We use renewable energy sources like solar, wind and landfill gas to power our manufacturing facilities.
    • Since 1996, our manufacturing plant has slashed energy use by a third and has also worked for the last several decades to make more with less by reducing all forms of waste throughout our system.
    • Over 90% of the FLOR product offering is manufactured in the U.S.A., which allows us better quality control and reduces the transportation costs of flying our products around the globe to get to your door.
    • FLOR has some of the lowest Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions in the residential carpeting industry. VOCs can include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.
    • FLOR squares contain an antimicrobial (Intercept®) that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Buying FLOR

  • Online at http://www.flor.com.
  • Via the FLOR catalog.  To request a complimentary catalog visit us online at flor.com or call 866.281.3567.
  • Retail locations in select cities.  Visit flor.com/stores for exact locations.
  • Contact customer service at 866.281.FLOR (866.281.3567) |Hours:  M – F 8a – 8p : Sa 9a – 2p (CT).
  • Most orders ship UPS Ground within 48 hours from our distribution center inLaGrange,Georgia.  Expedited overnight service or two-day shipping are also available.  Orders generally arrive within 7 to 10 business days
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