Designing with Kids in Mind

FLOR’s vast array of styles, along with the practical benefits and fundamental principles of FLOR, make it the ultimate design solution for parents with children of any age.

Pitter-Patter: FLOR for Nursery

Baby-soft colors and comfort will add just the right touch to your nursery design. Mix and match hues and shades to fit your nursery decor and create a seamless rug that is worthy of some serious tummy-time.


Get ready for your new arrival without hassle – FLOR squares assemble quickly and easily using our patented, non-toxic FLORdot™ adhesives – so you won’t need to spend hours and hours decorating when you’ve got plenty of other items on your “baby prep” list. To watch an installation video, click here.

Big Kids Room & Play Spaces

The transition from a nursery to a big kids’ room can mean a lot of things: cribs turn into big girl beds; rocking chairs are replaced by reading pillows; changing tables give way to toddler tables.


With FLOR, replace just a few tiles of baby-gentle hues with bold colors or patterns to give the room a completely new dynamic.   FLOR’s portability provides an easy transition from a nursery to a big kids room and beyond.

Playrooms are another perfect place for FLOR.  Colorful button rugs, for example, create a unique focal point for the room and also provide a soft, non-slip surface for sock-feet.

For the Rest of the Home

With spills and messes becoming the norm, you don’t want to sacrifice your “look” just to ensure your home can keep up with your lifestyle.  Movable FLOR squares are also washable and replaceable, so you can replace a single tile vs. an entire rug or carpet. This makes FLOR the most beautiful AND practical design solution for your home.

FLOR’s best-selling solids, our Vintage Collection and our popular sophisticated patterns — put them all in your home with confidence knowing we had your lifestyle in mind when we created FLOR.


Your Choice, Their Future

FLOR has the lowest VOCs ratings in our industry, so you can breathe easily knowing your pride and joy can, well, breathe easily. The squares are also non-toxic and contain an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

And FLOR’s Return & Recycle program turn old FLOR into new products – guaranteeing our products will not end up in a landfill.

To see more on designing with kids in mind, check out the FLOR Blog.

To request additional images, information or product samples, please contact Patrick Skertich at or 312-798-2275.

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