Perfect Solution for a Pet-Loving Home

FLOR offers beautiful and smart floorcovering to fit every lifestyle — including those with pets. Available in a range of inspiring colors, patterns and textures, with FLOR you don’t have to compromise your design aesthetic for pet-friendly rugs or carpeting. You get the style you want and the solution you need.

Creating a Safe Surface for Your Pup or Feline.

Hardwood or tiled floors are often slippery and dangerous for elderly or disabled pets or those recovering from a recent surgery.  FLOR provides a way to soften the surface and give their paws some traction.  One of our customers recently raved about her FLOR solution for her “three-legged wonder pup”, Celia.

“[With hardwood floors], Celia’s travels through my home – from area rug in the living room to area rug in the master, for instance – forced her to cross ‘little oceans’ of hardwood floors, where she would often lose her balance and slip, causing pain and potential injury to her one back leg.  I had even tried non-slip booties for her – really, I had tried everything – as I honestly thought that deploying carpet would be a true sacrifice in style and cleanliness in my home.  However, I absolutely LOVE my FLOR…”

Read more from Celia’s story on our design blog, Musings.

Made for real life with furry friends, FLOR is durable and easy to clean. Vacuum as you would regular carpet, pull up a single square to spot clean pet messes under the sink with soap and water, or replace individual squares, not a whole room!

FLOR is easy to assemble. Our patented FLORdots™  are one-sided, non-toxic adhesives that adhere to the squares sticky side up and connect the squares together, not to your floor underneath.  When Felix is ready for a little change of scenery, simply pull up your FLOR squares to refresh your design with new ones, relocate your rug to another room or take it with you when you move.

Pets tend to spend their days closer to the carpet than their owners, so a healthy home is just as important for them.   FLOR is a responsible choice.  There’s no “new carpet smell” produced by volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) which can be harmful to indoor air quality.  The product is also made with renewable and recycled raw materials  and can be recycled through FLOR’s active Return & Recycle Program.  Through R&R, old FLOR tiles are turned into new products — guaranteeing they will not end up in a landfill.

For product samples or additional images, please contact Liz White at 617.904.9393, ext.151 or via email at

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