Spring 2013 Styles & Colors

This season at FLOR, we are springing into color — refreshed and ready to live in Technicolor. Color will be everywhere — whether as a new product offering, the expansion of a palette in a tried & true favorite, or through our interpretations of current design themes we’re seeing in the marketplace.


Color can be synthetic and bold, neon pastels, or shadowy, tinted, soft neutrals. It can range from earthy reds and oxidized oranges to chemical blues and vivid greens. The combinations can be muted and powdery or unexpected and brilliant.

MadeYouLook_sp13D_NOT FINAL

FLOR carpet design squares are the perfect place to infuse color into your home and workspace. Not only can you find any hue you’re seeking, you can be as bold or subtle as you want to be.  Be daring with vibrant shades or add a visual ‘pop’ with just a few colorful squares. FLOR offers the possibility to create striking compositions with just the right dose of color.

Made You Look_SP13ST


Improved technology and a progressive design perspective have allowed FLOR to redefine what is possible with a square of carpet.  Below are our latest additions.

Chenille Charade — Inspired by the fashionable restitching and overdying of vintage Persian rug fragments into new solid color compositions.  Available in six saturated hues: Kiwi, Frost, Maize (in room setting below), Azure (single tile below), Tangerine and Persimmon.

chenille charade_azure_sw

Chenille Charade_SP13C

Seeing Stripes — Welcome back, to the plush, brightly colored banded striping that many will recall from the velveteen upholstery fabrics of the 1970’s.  Available in six tantalizing combinations: Teal, Azure (in bedroom below), Tangerine, Persimmon, Magenta (single tile below) & Iris.

seeing stripes_magenta_sw

Seeing Stripes_SP13U

Fleece & Thanks — The classic Moroccan natural Berbers have been exemplified in rustic textures and natural colors. Available in six versatile shades: Flannel Blue, Eggnog, Mink (single tile below), Frost (shown in nursery below with Parallel Reality border), Titanium and Slate.




Made You Look — We were inspired to create a full-spectrum of color in our own big box of crayons and especially with everyone’s favorite cut & loop texture. Made You Look has been expanded from 35 to 70 colors.

Madeyoulook_ALL NEW

Heaven Sent — In our cornerstone loopy texture, we infuse fresh, vibrant, fashion oriented hues in our 100% recycled nylon yarn.   Thanks to customer feedback, we gleefully reveal 24 new colors in this signature loop pile, bringing the total count to 35 and exponentially advancing the possibilities.

Heaven Sent_full palette of new


Always acutely aware of happenings in the design world, but never satisfied to simply apply a trend, here are a few fresh ideas that can only be achieved with FLOR. This season, we introduce the concept of Faceted Geometry, Chevron Patterning and Layering.

The catalyst for both the Faceted Geometric and Chevron patterns was the introduction of the triangle.  This season, we’ve expanded our Cutting Service to include the diagonal cut – a FLOR tile cut “on the bias” to create two right triangles.

Faceted Geometry

Facets are flat faces on geometric shapes. With the new diagonal cut, we can create the look of three-dimensional shapes from FLOR by assembling triangles and squares in different colors.


There has been a surge in geometric patterning in home goods – big and small. FLOR’s cutting program allows consumers to respond to this trend in a customized way. And the best part is, it’s surprisingly simple.

Remembrance_sp13C_NOT FINAL

Chevron Patterning

The Chevron, or inverted V pattern, has lineage back to pottery in Ancient Greece. It was commonly used on coats of arms during the middle ages and is still used in the United States to designate rank in the military.  Recently, the geometric design has taken off in the marketplace – found on everything from bedding, personal accessories, clothing, printed paper goods and more.

Rake Me Over_SP13V

Our new diagonal cutting ability combined with FLOR’s square format allows us to style Chevron in bright, bold ways.

Made You Look_SP13C


Another trend that lends itself nicely to FLOR is the layered rug look. Overlaps can be symmetrical or skewed. FLOR has already cornered the market on individual carpet squares that combine a patchwork of designs. With the increased selection of colors available in our core FLOR products, designing an over-dyed ombre rug is easier than ever.  FLOR’s layered look is an economical alternative – achieve the look with a single rug – multiple rugs not required.


We’ve created a FLOR interpretation of a layered rug (above) by combining complementary patterns in similar tones — with no actual overlapping needed. Combined here are two patterned styles, Reoriented and Remembrance with one of our FLOR core styles, Made You Look.

House Pet_SP13D

Welcome to a bright new season.

To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Deirdre Carey with Kel & Partners at 617.904.9393 x123 or via email deirdre@kelandpartners.com

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