Summer 2013 Collection

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For summer, we’ve taken some of our favorite global influences to create a collection of carpet design squares that marries familiar textures with exotic patterns in colors that range from earthy neutrals to vivid gemstones – all using innovation that turns what would be waste (like discarded fishing nets) into new, earth-friendly fibers. We believe it’s the right thing to do – for all of us.


Above: Chenille Charade in Persimmon and Remembrance in Fuschia (both cut diagonally) surrounded by Made You Look in Denim.

A New Generation of Luxury, Responsibly Made.

The majority of our summer collection draws historical context from the Berber wools of North Africa — specifically, Morocco.  Traditionally, these rugs were knot-tied cut pile in neutral colors.  The designs tended to be simple — monochromatic or two-color patterned geometrics and zig-zags.  A resurged interest and reinterpretation of this look can be seen everywhere — from high-end (handmade dealers) to mass market.  Our FLOR version is the first to use 100% recycled nylon in a versatile square format, which allows you to further modify and interpret this trend to achieve your own unique composition.  Here’s a look at what’s new:


Above: Jitterbug Memories.  Embrace the variation of this multi-directional zig-zag.  Artfully durable and impossible to install incorrectly.  Available in Black (shown), Grey and Taupe.


Above: Vintage Vibe. A modern take on traditional Moroccan patterning. Irregularites honor the historical limitations of crude weaving equipment while making seamless installations a cinch.  Shown in Cream surrounded by a third-tile border of Jitterbug Memories in Taupe.


Above: Mellow Mood. An all-over heathered quality provides a neutral solid backdrop to soften any space.  Available in Cream, Grey (shown) and Taupe.


Above: Familiar Chorus in Taupe with Mellow Mood in Taupe and Cream.  Familiar Chorus features bold and irregular bands of soft wooly tones that come together seamlessly.  The style pairs perfectly with Mellow Mood and Laid Back Groove (below).


Above: Laid Back Groove in Taupe and Black.  Subtle striation creates a soft linear rhythm across a solid backdrop for a seamless look and cushiony feel underfoot.


Above: Rustic Rhythms.  Busy spaces don’t have to sacrifice on softness or style with the high contrast of these heathered yarns.  Available in Grey, Brown and Taupe.

Above: A sophisticated pinstripe for discerning tastes, Like Minded, features rows of high and low loops that introduce textural variation to the classic precision of a pinstripe.   Available in Burgundy, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple and Teal.  This style pairs perfectly with a FLOR best-seller, Parallel Reality.


Above: Like Minded in Grey paired with Parallel Reality in Grey.


17 new colors join the Fleece & Thanks family. Drawing inspiration from natural berber wool rugs, we’ve created this new rustic texture in 100% recycled nylon in a classic color palette.

Fleece & Thanks_new colors for Summer 2013

12 new colors round out the sophisticated color palette of Full Bloom, a soft, budding loop texture with clean beveled edges that give a subtle grid effect when assembled.

Full Bloom: New colors for Summer 2013


Layered Rugs: The trend of layering rugs continues throughout the design world and the real world.  We offer the interesting ability to achieve the look without the expense and waste of literally stacking up rugs.  FLOR carpet design squares have the unique ability to embrace this trend and afford you the opportunity to stay current with whatever’s next.  We can adapt to the times.


Above: Remembrance SU13L FLORug in Tidal.  This rug combines Remembrance in Tidal, Chenille Charade in Azure and Reoriented in Grey.

Color Blocking:  Take this hot trend from the runway to your room with FLOR.  Combining bold blocks of solid colors will create a dramatic statement with minimal effort.


Above: Made You Look in Black, Slate, Blue Jay and Persimmon


Above: Made You Look SU13ST FLORug.  The fluctuating flow and placement of these colorful stripes lends a fun, rhythmic visual appeal to any room.


Above: Made You Look SU13U FLORug in Multi (with colors Bone, Pearl, Beige, Fawn, Tawny, Porpoise, Pebble, Eggnog.

Hues of Blue:  Shades of vibrant blue play an important role in the color palette of this season’s photography with the introduction of Remembrance in Tidal and the use of other tried-and-true favorites like Chenille Charade in Azure and Made You Look in Ocean and Blue Jay.


Above: Chenille Charade in Azure


Above: Remembrance in Tidal renders distressed Turkish rug patterning in a saturated hue.


Above: Take blue a little softer with Heaven Sent in Light Blue and Made You Look in Wave.

Active Patterning: Using active patterns in busy spaces artfully conceals life’s everyday messes and keeps the space looking great.


Above: Mod Cow in Black.


Above: Pretty Promise in Black.  This organic, random pattern is easy to design with and easy to maintain.

Welcome to a fresh new season.

To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Deirdre Carey with Kel & Partners at 617.904.9393 x123 or via email

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