NEW | Spring 2014 Collection


Spring brings to mind new beginnings and refreshed looks.  It’s the perfect season to add some color to your space and infuse texture and pattern into your decor.  Below is an introduction to our newest styles and perspective on the season.


Globally inspired and sourced elements continue to infuse the marketplace. This trend reflects a continued appreciation for and heightened interest in the unique characteristics that differentiate cultures.

Animal print design continues to have consumer appeal and designers continue to evolve its application. The design aesthetic is unique in that in one setting it can impart urban sophistication while in another, rural comfort. Animal print partners easily with a surprising range of interior styles and it is a design element that persists throughout home goods and fashion.  This trend leads to our first new product for the season, Spot On.

NEW | Spot On:  We’ve gone wild for pattern with this sophisticated faux cheetah design in colors that range from expected to extraordinary.  Striking when used alone, or pair with our Core Solids for a more subtle look – either way, it’s purrrrfect for every space.



Animal print might be an obvious interpretation of exotic elements, but worldly travels and increased digital exposure to culture uncovers a rich environment of both geometric and organic patterns often combined with deep saturated colors.

NEW | Ambrosia:  Saturated colors, in rich textures create a romantic look with functionality that is decidedly modern. The pattern variations help mask messes, making this style suitable for even the busiest of spaces. Shown below in color Lime.Ambrosia_SP14

AmbrosiaNEW | Chakra:  Drawing inspiration from India and the Far East, this colorful, eclectic design will add vibrancy to your living space. Bold, saturated hues combined with deconstructed patterns add up to decorative camouflage with an element of surprise.  Shown below in color Indigo.




The outside world continues to provide inspiration in its varied formats – from orderly English-style gardens to more organic presentations that blend natural elements with man-made forms.

Natural elements for the home environment can be found from in an increasing range of sources – from DIY tutorials on creating your own terrarium to high priced end tables formed from wood encased in resin. This universal attraction to the beauty and resiliency of nature is often heightened this time of year, in anticipation of spring and the rejuvenation that it brings.

NEW | Urban Nature:  Organic patterns, as only nature can create, are captured in this fresh design.  Earthy neutrals have been infused with bits of color – reminiscent of a moss-covered cliffs or a sea-kissed shore.  Pair with Down to Earth™ for a one-of-a-kind, dip-dyed look that will bring the outdoors in to any living space.  Shown below in Flax/Grass.



NEW | Down to Earth:   Rugged in look, soft in texture – we’ve translated the subtle tonal variations found in nature into a textural feast for the eyes (and toes).  When paired with Urban Nature the combination is reminiscent of an ecological study of colors and texture, welcoming nature into every space.  Shown below in Flax.




Often, in the early Spring months, an escape can be particularly enticing. From a rustic mountain retreat to a crisp coastal cottage there is something relaxing about simplified surroundings in soft earthy neutrals — spaces that provide comfort and ease without sacrificing on style or sophistication.

Our (Better Than) Wool and (Better Than) Sisal collections lend themselves nicely to our Escape, Retreat theme — (Better Than) Wool, to add cozy comfort to a mountain getaway and (Better Than) Sisal with just the right look and with worry-free maintenance for a coastal escape.  Here are some refreshed looks with these and other best-selling collections.

VintageVibe_SP14 2

Above: Vintage Vibe in Cream


Above: Patchwork of our (Better Than) Sisal Collection including Sweater Weather in Tan, Roadside Attraction in Tan, A Tisket A Tasket in Sand, Coming Along in Tan, Sew What in Tan and Suit Yourself in Raffia.


Above: Roadside Attraction in Haze


Above: Positive Slant in Slate


Above: Reoriented in Pepper.


Our focus reaches beyond producing great-looking carpet design squares.  It includes continually looking for ways to advance our manufacturing processes and business operations to be more earth-aware — from the materials that go into our products to how they perform in your home to what happens to them at the end of their useful life.

We repurpose materials like carpet, plastic water bottles and fishing nets to create new, recycled yarns.  The result is a range of styles that look good and help keep discarded materials out of the eco-system.  One of our favorite new styles for Spring, Upcycle, utilizes 100% recycled carpet fibers.

NEW | Upcycle:  An upcycling success story – random strands of recycled nylon yarns unite to create a one-of-a-kind stripe design that’s as beautiful as it is earth-aware.  The pattern and durability make this style a go-to for active spaces.



To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Jayne Seward with Kel & Partners at 617.904.9393 x110 or via email


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