Perfect Solution for a Pet-Loving Home

FLOR offers beautiful and smart floorcovering to fit every lifestyle — including those with pets. Available in a range of inspiring colors, patterns and textures, with FLOR you don’t have to compromise your design aesthetic for pet-friendly rugs or carpeting. You get the style you want and the solution you need.

Creating a Safe Surface for Your Pup or Feline.

Hardwood or tiled floors are often slippery and dangerous for elderly or disabled pets or those recovering from a recent surgery.  FLOR provides a way to soften the surface and give their paws some traction.  One of our customers recently raved about her FLOR solution for her “three-legged wonder pup”, Celia.

“[With hardwood floors], Celia’s travels through my home – from area rug in the living room to area rug in the master, for instance – forced her to cross ‘little oceans’ of hardwood floors, where she would often lose her balance and slip, causing pain and potential injury to her one back leg.  I had even tried non-slip booties for her – really, I had tried everything – as I honestly thought that deploying carpet would be a true sacrifice in style and cleanliness in my home.  However, I absolutely LOVE my FLOR…”

Read more from Celia’s story on our design blog, Musings.

Made for real life with furry friends, FLOR is durable and easy to clean. Vacuum as you would regular carpet, pull up a single square to spot clean pet messes under the sink with soap and water, or replace individual squares, not a whole room!

FLOR is easy to assemble. Our patented FLORdots™  are one-sided, non-toxic adhesives that adhere to the squares sticky side up and connect the squares together, not to your floor underneath.  When Felix is ready for a little change of scenery, simply pull up your FLOR squares to refresh your design with new ones, relocate your rug to another room or take it with you when you move.

Pets tend to spend their days closer to the carpet than their owners, so a healthy home is just as important for them.   FLOR is a responsible choice.  There’s no “new carpet smell” produced by volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) which can be harmful to indoor air quality.  The product is also made with renewable and recycled raw materials  and can be recycled through FLOR’s active Return & Recycle Program.  Through R&R, old FLOR tiles are turned into new products — guaranteeing they will not end up in a landfill.

For product samples or additional images, please contact Liz White at 617.904.9393, ext.151 or via email at

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide & Seasonal Decor Ideas


FLOR offers unique, non-traditional gifts for loved ones on your list including the design-enthusiast, the pet-lover, the DIYer, the newly married couple, and even the kids!  Check out these clever ideas:


This holiday season, entertain family and friends in style with gorgeous rugs, runners or wall-to-wall designs in your home that not only look beautiful, but can withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic, spills and stains.  Your festive spirit doesn’t have to stop at the tree or the hearth; colorful carpet squares can enhance your other seasonal décor by bringing some cheer to the floor.  And unlike traditional rolled area rugs that can be cumbersome to store, FLOR packs and stacks up easily in boxes at the end of the season.

To request images, product samples or additional information, please contact Abby Rechenthin at 312.798.2232 or via email

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FLOR Stores: Design Squared

FLOR, designer and creator of high-fashion modular carpet for the home, is rapidly opening stores across the country and helping design enthusiasts customize area rugs, runners and wall-to-wall solutions perfect for any space.

FLOR Store | Boston, MA

Neighboring some of the most compelling home and fashion stores in some of the biggest cities – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, L.A. – the FLOR store offers consumers a chance to experience the beauty and flexibility of this premium design system up close and in person. With 11 stores currently open, FLOR has seven more on deck in 2012 in cities such as Portland, Seattle and Denver.

FLOR Store | San Francisco, CA

Visitors to FLOR stores interact with the full range of inspiring colors, patterns and textures available in FLOR’s innovative system of 20″ carpet squares.  Customers find out quickly just how easy it is to redefine any space by mixing and matching FLOR styles to create custom rugs, runners and wall-to-wall designs of any length, size or shape.

FLOR Stores are designed to encourage customers to actively participate in the creation of their customized FLOR rug by using a specially-designed grid on the floor that allows them to  get a sense of the size and scale of their rug concept.

Pages from the FLOR catalog are brought to life on the walls and vignettes provide an opportunity to visualize how FLOR can fit into your space.

The stores have a team of experienced FLOR design consultants available – either in-store or in-home through specially-scheduled appointments – to help choose styles, coordinate colors and answer questions on care or assembly. “We want visitors to our FLOR Store to immerse themselves in FLOR’s world of design,” says Chip DeGrace, vice president of creative strategy at FLOR. “They will get a chance to interact with the product and create a truly unique and customized design for their home.”

FLOR’s ongoing commitment to sustainability is brought to life throughout the store as well. Information can be found on FLOR’s use of renewable and recycled materials in its products and store buildout as well as the company’s Return & Recycle Program, through which FLOR takes back old FLOR squares to be recycled into new products.

To find a store in your area, visit

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Summer 2012 Collection

FLOR is excited to announce our new 2012 Summer Collection that is an assortment of beautiful new styles and updated combinations in fresh, bright colors and decorative patterns. You can find these new styles on or at any of our new store locations.

Shown above:  Made You Look in Maize (inset) surrounded by a half-tile border of Reoriented in Chartreuse.

FRESH, BRIGHT COLOR:  Not for the risk-averse, bold, saturated color palettes bring an element of vibrancy to the surroundings. More than just spicing up the décor, this approach reflects the personalities of those who inhabit the space. So go ahead, show them what you’re made of, literally, because bright colors are worth the risk.  In the dining room image below, we combine bright greens and blues from our popular Made You Look style for a bold patchwork look.

DIY’ers have a world of possibilities when it comes to FLOR, mixing and matching color, patterns and textures to see their vision through. In the colorful hallway runner below, we pair an opinionated turquoise and fuchsia with textured neutrals.  Combined here are styles Made You Look in Turquoise and Palm, Level Setting in Brown, Heaven Sent in Eggnog, Parallel Reality in Teal, Remembrance in Fuchsia and Just Plain Folk in Linen.

The breakfast nook below is brought to life with a checkerboard pattern using Cobalt and Teal from our Made You Look style. And if your home has been brought to life by the pitter-patter of little feet, keep your design aesthetic while staying practical, with FLOR.

New Style: HEAVEN SENT  (below) This new soft loop construction mixes and matches easily with most FLOR styles. Laid in a solid color its beveled edges introduce another design element – the classic grid. Looks best laid straight. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in theUSA.

New Style: FULL BLOOM (below)  Budding texture in a field of color ranging from neutrals to jewel tones., The beveled edges create visual depth when laid straight in a single color. Looks best laid straight. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” squares. Made in the USA.

DECORATIVE PATTERN:  With the resurgence of traditional textiles and eastern ethnic handcraft, FLOR takes classic patterns like ikat, tie-dye, batik and Oriental rug remnants and reworks them in a modern way. Throw in some classic black & white in a not-so-classic pattern, and our philosophy provides never a literal interpretation, but a modular one with an influence that’s of the times.

New Style: WAXING POETIC (below) The more you look at this organic pattern, the more beauty it reveals. An exquisite loop pile of layered color and pattern. Looks best laid in any direction. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA.

New Style: HIDE & BATIK (below) This multi-level loop pile beckons bare feet with its soft, batique-like aesthetic. The patterns are random, so every tile is unique. Looks best installed parquet style (quarter-turn). 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” squares. Made in the USA.

New Style: IN THE MIX (below)  A range of plaids collide with a classic houndstooth to create a bold mix of graphic pattern. No two tiles are alike, patterns will not align. Looks best installed in any direction. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square and made in the USA.

Black & White might be the style, but green is always on FLOR’s mind as we carefully select our raw materials, continue to reduce waste and close the loop with our Return & Recycle program. See more about our design philosophy.

New Style: INTERLACED  Combining handcraft and modern technology, this intricate lace design is the best of both worlds. Patterns are random, so every tile is unique. Some variations not pictured. Looks best with non-directional installation. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square and made in the USA.

FOR IMAGES OR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON OUR NEW SUMMER COLLECTION, please contact Patrick Skertich at 312-798-2275 or by email at

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Designing with Kids in Mind

FLOR’s vast array of styles, along with the practical benefits and fundamental principles of FLOR, make it the ultimate design solution for parents with children of any age.

Pitter-Patter: FLOR for Nursery

Baby-soft colors and comfort will add just the right touch to your nursery design. Mix and match hues and shades to fit your nursery decor and create a seamless rug that is worthy of some serious tummy-time.


Get ready for your new arrival without hassle – FLOR squares assemble quickly and easily using our patented, non-toxic FLORdot™ adhesives – so you won’t need to spend hours and hours decorating when you’ve got plenty of other items on your “baby prep” list. To watch an installation video, click here.

Big Kids Room & Play Spaces

The transition from a nursery to a big kids’ room can mean a lot of things: cribs turn into big girl beds; rocking chairs are replaced by reading pillows; changing tables give way to toddler tables.


With FLOR, replace just a few tiles of baby-gentle hues with bold colors or patterns to give the room a completely new dynamic.   FLOR’s portability provides an easy transition from a nursery to a big kids room and beyond.

Playrooms are another perfect place for FLOR.  Colorful button rugs, for example, create a unique focal point for the room and also provide a soft, non-slip surface for sock-feet.

For the Rest of the Home

With spills and messes becoming the norm, you don’t want to sacrifice your “look” just to ensure your home can keep up with your lifestyle.  Movable FLOR squares are also washable and replaceable, so you can replace a single tile vs. an entire rug or carpet. This makes FLOR the most beautiful AND practical design solution for your home.

FLOR’s best-selling solids, our Vintage Collection and our popular sophisticated patterns — put them all in your home with confidence knowing we had your lifestyle in mind when we created FLOR.


Your Choice, Their Future

FLOR has the lowest VOCs ratings in our industry, so you can breathe easily knowing your pride and joy can, well, breathe easily. The squares are also non-toxic and contain an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

And FLOR’s Return & Recycle program turn old FLOR into new products – guaranteeing our products will not end up in a landfill.

To see more on designing with kids in mind, check out the FLOR Blog.

To request additional images, information or product samples, please contact Patrick Skertich at or 312-798-2275.

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Spring Collection 2012

Just when we thought the myriad of FLOR options couldn’t get any better, our designers delivered yet another round of beautiful styles and colors to add to our mix.  And it came just in time for our new Spring 2012 catalog.  This season we offer new berbers with the look of sisal, a playful array of new, bold patterns and a colorful collection of fresh solids.  Let’s get started:



The plotline goes something like this; the main character is a square but comfortable in that. It reads like fiction with incredible good looks and deeds. It is a documentary on a sea grass inspired design that you can use where the kids and dogs demand a happy ending. Weave a Story is Made from 100% recycled Nylon Fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $15.99 per tile


If you love the simple elegance of a natural, woven texture and its ability to compliment any room you are amongst kindred spirits. Simple elegance is often calming as a decorative theme except if it makes you crazy trying to clean it. Settle down with this modern Berber which is designed to be stress free. Looks best laid parquet style. 100% recycled Nylon fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $13.99 per tile


Sweaters are the adult version of the baby blanket with the satin trim. They’re familiar and comforting. We tend to hang on to them. Sweater weather is a familiar cabled look in complex yarns. Create your own handmade composition by laying yours straight, parquet or try mixing it up. Edges are beveled. 100% recycled Nylon fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $13.99 per tile.


Seasonal roadside stands full of fruit, vegetables and local treats entice autos from their hurried path to stop and partake of a handgrown treat. The weaving of tire tracks left behind gave inspiration to this chunky, loopy style we call Roadside Attraction. This patterned texture is steps above garden variety sisal. Looks best laid straight. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $15.99 per tile


This herringbone texture has neutral heathered yarns zigging in one direction then zagging in another. Miraculously, the seams disappear if you lay them straight and also give a subtle basket weave if you lay them in a parquet style. Take a look at it both ways. It’s killer going wall-to-wall. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $11.99 per tile

Style:  MIND MAP

What you need is something that can organize all that you find interesting. Something that is in itself neutral but represents a dynamic pattern. Though made up of pieces it becomes one unified whole no matter how you put it down. Such is a mind map. Looks best laid straight. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $11.99 per tile



Who doesn’t like to show off a little bit? Nothing conspicuous, just spotlighting what you really do well. Watch This takes components of other FLOR shows and puts them together in a bold and brash reinterpretation. No two tiles are alike. Not all tile variations are shown. Looks best laid randomly. Made from 100% recycled Nylon fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $14.99 per tile


Memory is a funny thing. It tends to reduce experiences to their essence and collapse events into a new composition. Remembrance is a mélange of Persian rug references in a modern remix. Its colorways recollect both quiet moments and intense experience. Looks best laid the way you want. Made of 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7’ square. Made in the USA. $14.99

Style:  MOD COW

If you could build your own cow would it be black with white or white with black. Would it give chocolate milk and be able to jump over the moon? This cow is loopy and fuzzy and all squares are slightly different just like the ones in the barn. Looks best laid the way you want. Made of 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $14.99 per tile

Style:  HEY JACK

Whether you’re a mod or a rocker you’ll dig the Brit reference of Hey Jack. It is with a certain spirit of irreverence and self-deprication that we celebrate in this flag inspired design. This style will make any room look a little hipper. Looks best with squares laid randomly. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $15.99 per tile.


Overtly romantic colorations and low contrast, active patterning give a vibe that hints that your vintage inspired rug saw some fun in the age of jazz. Its cut and loop texture feels all too perfect in a bedroom or living room. Looks best with squares laid randomly. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $15.99 per tile


Ever grab a rose by the stem and tangle with a thorn. They’re beautiful sure but they aren’t shrinking violets. As it is with Heavy Petal, natural beauty with attitude. Looks best with squares laid randomly. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $15.99 per tile.

Style:  DREAM ON

We dream of rooms with stories. Of walls with weathered patina and generations of wallpaper. Muted colors and patterns blended into one elegant composition. Looks best with squares installed randomly. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $14.99 per tile.


Inspired by vintage blankets found at camp, Blanketed has the low contrast comfort of an heirloom throw. Perfect for informal spaces where tall fishing stories might be told. Looks best with squares installed randomly. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $14.99 per tile.


If the paisley had a Facebook page it would be friended by millions. It is one of the most popular motifs in modern textile design. FLOR’s interpretation adds a bit of geometry to the iconic organic swirl. Looks best with squares installed randomly. 100% recycled Nylon face fibers. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $14.99 per tile.



You’re skeptical. You’ve heard good things. Maybe too many. Great colors and a crowd pleasing texture. Mix and matches with every other FLOR product. It is made out of 100% recycled Nylon face fibers and is recyclable. It can walk your dog and watch your kids. Ha…made you look! Looks best laid parquet style. 19.7” square. Made in the USA. $11.99 per tile.

FOR IMAGES OR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON OUR NEW SPRING COLLECTION, please contact Abby Rechenthin at or call 312.798.2232.

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Spring 2012 Design Palettes

Inspired by three fresh color palettes for the season, we experimented with our new styles from our Spring collection.
Below are some ideas on how one might bring these color combos to life with FLOR.  Some other opportunities to create
a cohesive look and incorporate color are: adding artwork, selecting colorful room accessories, or making bold furniture choices.

 Note: Dramatic, Elemental and Muted color palettes were inspired by our friends at WGSN.

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